Rihan Hai

Rihan Hai

Assistant professor


I am an assistant professor at Web Information Systems (WIS) group of TU Delft and the lead of InfiniData Team. Before joining TU Delft, I received my Ph.D. degree with “summa cum laude” from Information Systems & Databases group of RWTH Aachen University, Germany. I received my BEng and MEng from Tsinghua University, China. My research focuses on data lakes, data management for machine learning, and quantum data management


On the topic of Quantum Data Management, we currently have available openings for PhD, MSc thesis, and research software engineer. To apply, please send me an email including your CV, academic transcripts, and any other relevant documents.


Journal reviewer: TKDE, VLDBJ, SIGMOD Reocrd, Information Systems, JMLR, TPDS


NWO VENI Grant 2022. Project: Understanding Implicit Dataset Relationships for Machine Learning. Awarded. (2024-)

ExtremeXP – EXPerimentation driven and user eXPerience-oriented analytics for eXtremely Precise outcomes and decisions. HORIZON-CL4-2022-DATA-01. Awarded. (01 Jan 2023-)

Role: WP Leader / WP3 Lead, Task 3.1 / 3.6 Lead


EDBT 2023 Best Demonstration Award

Research Interests

AI in data lakes

Multimodal data & GPU acceleration

Federated Learning

Data privacy and security

Quantum Data Management

Data Management for Quantum Computing and Quantum Internet

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Recent Publications

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(2023). Join Path Based Data Augmentation for Decision Trees . DBML'22 workshop.

(2023). Amalur: Data Integration Meets Machine Learning.

(2023). An Empirical Performance Comparison between Matrix Multiplication Join and Hash Join on GPUs. HardBD & Active'23 @ICDE.

(2023). Metadata Representations for Queryable ML Model Zoos. Workshop on Benchmarking Data for Data-Centric AI (DataPerf) @ICML 2022.

(2021). Amalur: Next-generation Data Integration in Data Lakes. CIDR'22, Abstract.